NEWS ALERT: Three Day Corrosion Show Introduces CorroLogic® to Latin America!

The Three Day Corrosion Show, organized by the Peru Chapter of AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance), consisted of a series of conferences and a technical exhibition that attracted thousands of engineers, contractors, and oil and gas industry leaders.


Cortec® Corporation attended the event August 9th-11th in Lima, Peru, in the company of Energia Integral Andina Sucursal del Peru, Cortec® Middle East, and Corr Brasil. This provided an excellent opportunity to formally introduce CorroLogic® solutions for aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) to Latin America. In this regard, Eng. Khalil Abed, Managing Director of Cortec® Middle East and member of the AMPP Board of Directors, gave a brilliant presentation titled, “Tank Floor Integrity Assurance Using Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors.” The key aspects presented were as follows:

  • VpCI® Technology and the corrosion protection mechanism
  • CorroLogic® applications: out-of-service, in-service, and new tanks
  • Cathodic protection compatibility
  • Corrosion data monitoring

Real-world data gathered over 20 years in the Middle East and North America gave the audience a comprehensive understanding of Cortec’s CorroLogic® approach and available solutions. Eng. Khalil Abed’s lecture was extremely well received. Many attendees asked interesting questions at the end of the presentation. Many more visited the Energia Andina Peru booth to express interest in the CorroLogic® topic and request a visit to their plants to assess opportunities for CorroLogic® AST application.

In the conferences section of the Three Day Corrosion Show, Danny Limaymanta, Energia Andina Peru Technical Mgr., presented various “Casos de Exito” (best practices in Peru), some of which featured Cortec® products being used in that country for the first time.

Special thanks to Mauricio Morales, CEO of Energia Integral Andina Peru, and his team for their excellent organization while attending this event. We also want to thank Eng. Khalil Abed for his kind participation (a long journey from Dubai!) and Corr Brasil Management for their interest in these initial steps of introducing CorroLogic® solutions to Latin America. The future looks very promising!

Keywords: AMPP Peru, Three Day Corrosion Show, Cortec, CorroLogic, Corr Brasil, Energia Integral, aboveground storage tanks, tank floor integrity, corrosion inhibitors, VCI for ASTs

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