Is a system of filling the interstitial spaces of double bottom above ground storage tanks. A growing number of Oil & Gas companies are embracing the CorroLogic® System approach for their ASTs. Data from the real-time corrosion rate monitoring equipment that is installed in each tank along with the VpCI®, proves the long term effectiveness of this solution. Cortec® completed a pilot project for the Saudi- Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, on an AST with an oil-sand tank pad at one of their critical Arabian Gulf oil export terminals. Product is used as a powder or string of Corrologic® Emitter powered with Nano VpCI® .

Corrologic® Powder powered with Nano VpCI® is 100% biodegradable in marine environment per OECD***306, BOD 28 Marine Test, Non-Toxic, Non-Polluting, and ROHS Compliant. It meets NACE Standard: RP0-087-2000, Military Standard: MIL-I-22110C VIA Test (Vapor Inhibiting Ability). For high temperature applications for tanks holding liquids or solids above 200 deg C use Corrologic® Slurry HT VpCI® System.