Cortec’s VpCI® Technology is an innovative, environmentally safe, cost-effective option for corrosion protection. Cortec® products protect with a thin, mono-molecular protective barrier. The barrier re-heals and self-replenishes and can be combined with other functional properties for added protective capabilities.

Cortec’s VpCI® additives offer excellent corrosion protection for process industries. While conventional corrosion inhibiting treatments for the internal surfaces of fluid systems protect only in the liquid phase, Cortec® VpCI® Technology can provide corrosion protection in the liquid phase, vapor phase, and at the liquid-vapor interface. Partial pressure capabilities allow Cortec® VpCIs to continually replenish in the void space above the liquid.

Cortec® VpCIs can be added into your system at single or multiple points. For example, inject VpCIs automatically into a system – without any operator attendance – and immediately start protecting hundreds of feet of piping. As the pro-environmental corrosion treatment of the century, our organic formulations give an environmentally acceptable way to protect and extend the life of equipment.