PRESS RELEASE: Rust Prevention for Void Spaces: Advantages of CorroLogic®

CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339

For many years, VpCI®-337 waterborne fogging fluid has been an integral part of preservation plans around the world. It represents an easy and economical alternative to nitrogen purge for void space rust prevention. While it continues to be a viable option for those who have added it to their list of approved products, Cortec® is also encouraging potential end users to consider the advantages of CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339, a 100% Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor that Cortec® developed several years ago to improve on the benefits of VpCI®-337.

How Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Fogging Fluid Works

Corrosion protection with CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 is possible via the same vapor-phase action of VpCI®-337. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the fogging fluids diffuse throughout the void space, adsorbing as a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces to which they are attracted. This makes them excellent for preventing rust on intricate and hard-to-reach surfaces where it would be difficult to apply a protective coating. As long as the void remains closed, the corrosion inhibiting vapors are trapped inside, protecting the metal from interacting with corrosive elements that could start a corrosion cell. When the enclosure is opened, the corrosion inhibitors gradually float away into the external atmosphere. 

Rust Prevention for Void Spaces Made Better

CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 takes these qualities to a new level. Due to its unique formula, CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 can be applied at significantly lower doses than VpCI®-337. It also has a much lower freezing point than even VpCI®-337 Winterized, making it suitable for application in subzero winter temperatures. CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 was designed with ease of recommissioning in mind. Due to its liquid nature, it will not leave behind solid residual, allowing the preserved equipment to be placed into service right away, often without the need for corrosion inhibitor removal. In addition, improved solubility in both water and hydrocarbons makes it easy to flush out of a system if too much is applied.

Where to Use CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339

The possible uses for CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 are endless and as varied as the shapes and sizes of the internal metal cavities that exist. Metals protected include carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper. Some possible applications are as follows:

  • Void space protection
  • Complex internal cavities
  • Double wall spaces
  • Steel coil laps
  • Crates of metal parts
  • Pipes, heat exchangers, tanks, and modules
  • Transportation and deep storage of key assets

Whether you have hundreds of pipeline segments to preserve in a staging yard or one pressure vessel that needs to ship safely to the customer, CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339 offers a convenient way to condition the internals of your asset with a protective environment that is unlikely to interfere with subsequent use. Contact Cortec® today to discuss whether it is time for you to advance to the next level of void space protection by trying CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339.

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